The Saporito Rosario Agricultural Company has kept family traditions alive since 1890, when the grandfather cultivated olive trees, obtaining the green gold of the table, Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Rosario grew up in the midst of olive groves, already in the early years of his life he played / went around the land and in his father’s oil mill. Over time, he has learned the secrets of knowing how to make oil well, line by line and precept upon precept. With passion and dedication he continued for a lifetime to take care of and follow every phase of the olive growing process, becoming an admirer and professional in the sector. After years of experience in following the family business, fascinated by the Eternal City, in 2005 he had the desire to invest in a house in the Roman countryside.

moving with his family he found among the sweet hills, after Fara Sabina, its adopted territory, by purchasing the first olive groves. Continuing his profession as an agricultural entrepreneur, working continuously and with a goal

Precisely, in 2010 he opened the Frantoio, the flagship of a centenary legacy, technology combined with tradition have merged the best handed down from the ancestors in this work. By developing his own company he has added new land and to date the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from the olive groves of the municipalities of Montopoli di Sabina, Castelnuovo di Farfa, Toffia and Poggio Nativo. Out of respect for the land, it continues to convert traditional crops into organic crops, bringing a superior quality organic oil to the table. Today the reality of an excellent oil mill that offers products of the highest quality is present in the territory of Castelnuovo di Farfa in front of the historic Abbey. The Saporito family is waiting for you to visit the mill and their company so that you can witness one of the best mills in the area, experts in producing organic extra virgin olive oil.